Lucknow Unlocked: UP Darshan Park

Hey Fab Money lovers, today we are traveling to Lucknow’s famous UP Darshan park! This marvel it a testament to waste management as all the monuments in this park are made from waste materials! This eco friendly park is a lovely spot to spend your day in. It is fun for family,friends and so much more! You can often see music performers and other fun activities in this lively park!

About the park:

Since its opening on March 11, the UP Darshan Park in Gomti Nagar has grown in popularity among Lucknowites.

The park’s sixteen monuments, which are constructed out of leftover materials or scrap, draw attention from tourists. There are replicas of several famous monuments, including the Taj Mahal, Banke Bihari Temple, Devi Patan Temple, Gorakhnath Temple, Bada Imambada, Jhansi Fort, Vidhan Bhawan Sabha, Dudhwa National Park, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Ram Temple, Vindhya Vasini Temple, and Fatehpur Sikri.

“The total project expense was ₹1013.56 lakh. The monuments were built using 350 tonnes of waste material in total. Among the materials used were household iron waste, rolling shutters, rusted almirahs, iron scrap, bicycle frames, and tire rims from four-wheelers. 

Entry fee and facilities:

In the park, three cafeterias are constructed. The admission fee at Darshan Park is ₹100, the boating fee is ₹100 for two persons and ₹200 for four; the bullock cart trip is ₹50; the breakdown is ₹50; and the bounce area is ₹100. The park has not yet installed a zipline.

Some amazing statistics!

Jhansi Fort-16 tons

Taj Mahal-18 tons

Fatehpur Sikri-10.5 tons

Banke Bihari Temple-13.5 tons

Radha Rani Temple-12.5 tons

Bara Imambara-13.5 tons

Vidhan Sabha-14 tons

Ram Mandir-16 tons

Vindhyachal Temple-13 tons

Gorakhnath Temple-12.5 tons

Parinirvana Stupa-7.5 tons

Dudhwa National Park-13 tons

Kumbh Mela-9.5 tons

Tulsi Das-8 tons

Kashi Vishwanath Temple-9 tons

Devi Patan Temple-11 tons

We hope you visit this amazing spot and make sure to use your Fab Money card when you do for amazing rewards and cashbacks!

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Lucknow Unlocked: UP Darshan Park
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