Fab Money India: Turning Dreams into Reality

At Fab Money India, we are driven by excitement and passion as we set our focus on turning dreams into reality. Our mission is to simplify consumer finance and unravel complexity, transforming financial challenges into clear and accessible opportunities. With the dreams of a billion Indians within reach, we are dedicated to making them a reality through innovative solutions and unparalleled commitment.

At Fab Money, we don’t just add value; we create it.

At Fab Money, we aim to never let our customers shop without a cashback since we are building a new financial services experience for Bharat. We are familiar with the feeling of shopping and not getting rewarded, so we take rewards very seriously! 

Our dynamic team is the perfect combination of innovation and adaptability. Our Fab teammates always bring their A-game to the table by anticipating challenges and responding with resilience. We aren’t regular folks, we are the trendsetters looking forward to reshaping the financial world. 

In this fast-paced digital world, where market shifts, technologies evolve and regulations change, one thing is constant with us: the assurance of getting rewarded with our city cards and the feeling of contentment. Cross our hearts! 

When you choose to become Fab, you brace yourself because you enter the world of cashback that gives you a plethora of best deals from your favourite global and local brands, you just can’t refuse!

Numbers that Define Us: Our Reach and Impact

With a presence across 14 countries, Fab Money has served over two million borrowers and small businesses, making a tangible impact on individuals' lives and the growth of enterprises.
Assets Under Management

Founder’s Foreword

“For a diverse country like India, one size fits all does not work. At Fab Money, we are building for the emerging, ambitious middle class of India. We are crafting a new playbook to build a financial services business by rewarding good behaviours and financial discipline.”