How to Maximize Your Savings everyday!

Everyday we spend so much money on things we need and don’t need. Of Course we cannot track all of our spendings but we can definitely save a lot of it! By using the Fab Money prepaid card you can save up to Rs.50,000 per year, get great deals on your everyday purchases and enjoy guaranteed 1% cashback on all transactions! Don’t believe us? Let’s find out how you can maximize your savings everyday!

How to save money during your daily Routine:


Owning a vehicle is expensive and what is even more expensive in the long run are fuel prices. The average tank of fuel costs approximately Rs.4000. That can become expensive at times, so what do you do? You can use Fab Money and claim our offers on fuel! So now every time you have to go to the office, on a drive with your friends or run errands and your tank is empty, you simply use the Fab Money Prepaid card and get cashback everytime you fuel up your tank! 


Buying groceries is an everyday task, it can get boring but that does not mean it cannot be rewarding!If you use the Fab Money Prepaid card you can claim offers and rewards everyday for groceries! Now each time you need to restock the fridge, buy ingredients to cook for guests or you just want to buy snacks and relax, you can get amazing cashbacks each time you shop! By using the Fab Money Prepaid card, your necessities will get a whole lot cheaper!

Online shopping:

 Everyone loves online shopping, we can buy clothes, decorations, jewelry and so much more with a simple click of a button, but these expenses can pile up and burn a hole through your wallet. The best way to prevent this is to use Fab Money! Now whenever you want to upgrade your wardrobe or buy that special someone a beautiful piece of jewelry you can order it knowing that you have saved so much money by using one of the hundreds of offers available at Fab Money! 

Dining out:

Going out and enjoying your city’s amazing food is always fun, even more so if you have Fab Money’s personalized city card.Whether it is going out with friends, family or by yourself we understand  that dining out can get expensive.However, tasty food does not have to be expensive, it can be rewarding! With over a hundred restaurants to choose from, Fab Money has offers for them all! No matter how big the bill is, you can pay it and enjoy a guaranteed 1% cashback! So next time the bill comes and all your friends or family are deciding how to pay it, you can ease their minds and enjoy the cashback that comes with paying with Fab Money!

Our daily routines can change in the blink of an eye, spontaneous plans can be made or unexpected expenses can occur. However by joining the Fab Money Family you won’t have to worry about any of that because you know that you have access to countless offers, rewards and a guaranteed 1% cashback! No matter the expense you find yourself paying everyday, rest assured knowing that you save money on each transaction with Fab Money!

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How to Maximize Your Savings everyday!
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