5 Exciting Events this Weekend in Lucknow 

Lucknow is a city of unique experiences, waiting to be discovered. This city weaves together the fabric of community and culture, offering a variety of opportunities for laughter, creativity and connection. From hilarious stand-up comedy shows to an energetic music concert, Lucknowis be prepared to be mindblown with these exciting events happening in your city this weekend. 

1 – Kal ki Chinta Nahi Karta ft Ravi Gupta 

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After making you laugh with his funny office experiences and anecdotes, Ravi Gupta is back with his new set called, “Forget Your Kal ki Chinta”. 

This show will make you laugh out loud and will ensure you have the best time with your friends or family. 

If you’re looking for an evening to unwind then you should book your tickets for this show and enjoy it! 

Date & Time: Sat 20th April, 4 pm

Venue: Hotel Emperio Grand & Banquet Hall 

Price: ₹499 onwards 

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2 – Singing Night ft Paradox Udaan 5.0 

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Introducing PARADOX the talented and versatile artist born in 2003. With chart-topping hits like “Jaadugar, “Babam Bam”, “J “Rihayi” and “BT Ho Gayi”

PARADOX has garnered over 500 million impressions. Hailing from New Delhi India, he has graced renowned music festivals such as Sunburn and Supersonic showcasing his electrifying performances.

PARADOX`S diverse musical style transcends genres by captivating audiences worldwide.

 Get ready to be spellbound by the sensational talent of PARADOX.

This night is a dynamic and engaging way to bring people together and create memorable experiences. So, book your tickets now! 

Date & Time: Sat 20th April, 6 pm 

Venue: GCRG Group of Institutions, Lucknow

Price: ₹699 onwards 

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3 – Abhishek Walia Live 

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After winning The Great India Laughter Challenge & gaining 30 Million views on YouTube.

 Abhishek Walia is on his India Tour with his amazing crowd work. He will surely give you the much-needed weekend break with a hilarious twist and a memorable night. 

Abhishek`s show is suitable for all groups, old & young, loaded or broke, desi or NRI.

So, what are you waiting for?! Book tickets for your friends and family now! 

Date & Time: 20th April, 7 pm

Venue: Grandeurs Bakery & Cafe, Lucknow

Price: ₹349 onwards 

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4 – Lucknow Comics 20-20 

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Embark on a laughter-filled journey with four emerging comics – Mayank, Himanshu, Arvind Funkaar, and Abhinav – at the stand-up comedy show. 

Prepare for an evening of wit and humour that promises to leave you rolling in the aisles. Enjoy relatable content with four of Lucknow’s talented comics. It’s time to experience the local comedy.

Don`t miss out on this uproarious experience!

Date & Time: 21st April, 7 pm 

Venue: Grandeurs Bakery & Cafe, Lucknow 

Price: ₹150 onwards 

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5 – Kommune’s Open Mic 

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Shaam suhaani, Kommune ke saath! 

Kommune is back with another event to gather with like-minded people and give you an evening surrounded by poets, storytellers and musicians at the Cafe Repertwahr in Lucknow. 

Lucknowis, don’t waste your weekend away, book your tickets for this relaxing and interesting event now and have the perfect evening with friends or family! 

Date & Time: 21st April, 2 pm

Venue: Cafe Repertwahr, Lucknow

Price: ₹99 onwards 

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