5 Exciting Events this Weekend in Indore 

Indore is a city of unique experiences, waiting to be discovered. This city weaves together the fabric of community and culture, offering a variety of opportunities for laughter, creativity and connection. From hilarious stand-up comedy shows to intimate pottery dates, Indoris be prepared to be mindblown with these exciting events happening in your city this weekend. 

1 – Bhola Bhala Stand-Up Comedy By Jagrat Thirwani

Picture Courtesy: BookMyShow

It’s a trial Standup Comedy Show by Jagrat Thirwani.

Jagrat is one of the fastest-rising names in the intimate comedy scene of Indore.

His show `Bhola-Bhala` is the honest narration of the world he sees through his prism

In this show, he jokes about life as he knows it and the observations he has made while rising through the ranks of comedy.

His content is clean as a whistle and his humour is as adorable as he is.

Date & Time: 21st April, 7 pm

Venue: Comedy Cottage and Coco Events, Indore

Price: ₹149 

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2 – Open Mic 

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Open Mic is hosted by artists for fellow artists, it’s a group of small people who solely believe and focus on supporting artists without any judgements. 

From Spoken Word artists, stand-up comics, poets, rappers, storytellers etc., this event isn’t limited to only spoken art but it is open to other artists and art forms.  

Whether you’re an amateur artist or a seasoned professional, everyone’s welcome at the Open Mic event! 

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Date & Time: 21st April, 6 pm 

Venue: Chemistry: The Cafe Lounge, Indore

Price: ₹149 onwards

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3 – Pottery Date 

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Escape to a world of romance and creativity with the Couples Pottery Workshop – the perfect date experience! 

Join hands (literally) with your partner as you both embark on a unique artistic journey, sculpting your love and connection into beautiful ceramic masterpieces.

Under the expert guidance of skilled instructors, you`ll discover the magic of clay and the joy of creating something together. Whether you`re a beginner or a seasoned potter, our workshop offers a relaxed and intimate setting where you can bond, laugh, and explore your artistic sides.

It`s a date like no other, where your love story is crafted into tangible art.

So, unleash your inner artist and create something magical together on this date.

Date & Time: 20 April, 2 pm – 5 pm 

Venue: Cafe Sukun, Indore

Price: ₹999 onwards 

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4 – Blindfolded Talks 

Picture Courtesy: BookMyShow

Unleash the power of authentic communication with Blindfolded Conversations.

Leave judgments at the door and dive into a sensory experience designed to build profound connections.

Without visual distractions, conversations are elevated to a plane where only thoughts and feelings exist, allowing a unique bond to form.

As participants are paired and blindfolded, they embark on a captivating journey of exchange – discussing, learning, and connecting on a deep level.

Ideal for those seeking meaningful interactions, this event is a testament to the power of active listening and sincere conversation.

Date & Time: 20th April, 4 pm 

Venue: Cafe Sukun, Indore 

Price: ₹399 onwards 

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5 – Chai Pe Charcha 

Picture Courtesy: BookMyShow

Sit around a table, in a cozy little space and enjoy a cup of Chai while connecting with people through heart to hearts and other touching conversations. It`s a cosy little meet-up for people who just want to get to know others and have good conversations. If you want to make new friends over Chai, visit this cafe and form new friendships.

Date & Time: 20th April, 4 pm 

Venue: Cafe Sukun, Indore

Price: ₹99 onwards 

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