5 Events You Should Visit This Weekend in Lucknow 

April is here, Lucknowites! 

It’s time for you to step out and experience the perfect recipe of love in poetry, a hilarious evening with your friends and family or relive your childhood days at the magic show. 

Take your pick and choose an event that will guarantee you unlimited fun and memories! 

1- Rajkumari By Nayab Midha – A Poetry Special 

Picture Courtesy: BookMyShow

Saturday Special – Poetry with a dash of storytelling for the perfect recipe of love. 

Rajkumari’s voice will let you be a part of the movie, without actually watching it. A journey of emotions from your first crush to your first heartbreak, discovering love and its forms. 

Nayab also shares her feelings of homesickness, her loneliness and finally dealing with it. 

A little musical will add the magic element to the show which will entertain the audience throughout.

Date & Time: Saturday, 6th April at 6 pm 

Venue: JB Innovations, Lucknow

Price: ₹499 onwards 

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2 – Dial C for Comedy 

Pic Courtesy: BookMyShow

Dial Up “C” for Comedy – a stand-up comedy show that will guarantee a rib-tickling time for you. Comprising of some of the wittiest and most talented comedians in the industry, this Sunday will promise a dose of unlimited wit, humour, and side-splitting anecdotes. 

Join these comedians for an evening of non-stop laughter as the lineup of seasoned comics takes to the stage to deliver their finest comedic punchlines and observations on life, love and everything in between. From hilarious takes on everyday situations to insightful commentary on the quirks of modern living, “Dial C for Comedy” offers something for everyone. 

Date & Time: Sunday, 7th April at 5 pm 

Venue: Grandeurs Bakery and Cafe, Lucknow 

Price: ₹200 onwards 

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3 – Spill the Word 

Picture Courtesy: PaytmInsider

Kavita Kisse Kahaniyan, a spoken platform, hosts weekly poetry and storytelling events known as “Spill the Word”. These gatherings serve as a stage for individuals to showcase their original poems, stories and creative works.

In addition to performances, we incorporate interactive games to actively involve both the audience and performers, enhancing the overall event experience. 

Emotions often find various expressions, and at Kavita Kisse Kahaniyan, our stage becomes a canvas for conveying feelings through the art of poetry, storytelling, and spoken word pieces. 

Meet like-minded people at Kavita Kisse Kahaniyan, where every word spoken becomes a piece of art on the expressive stage.

Date & Time: 7th April, 4 pm 

Venue: Birspark Studio, Lucknow 

Price: ₹99 onwards 

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4 – Nav Arambh – The Grand Bhartiya Nav Varsh Celebration

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Prepare yourself for an evening filled with joy, laughter and vibrant cultural performances. “Nav Arambh” promises to be an extravaganza like no other, featuring a fusion of traditional and contemporary entertainment. 

Immerse in the post-Holi celebration with the talented DJ, groove to the beats of the latest Bollywood track, and witness dance performances that showcase the various Indian dance forms. 

An all-inclusive event for everyone, whether you’re a music lover, a dance enthusiast, or just looking to have a great time with friends and family, “Nav Arambh” is the perfect place to be. Don’t miss out on this exciting event, book your tickets now! 

Date & Time: 7th April, 4 pm 

Venue: Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Park, Lucknow 

Price: ₹299 onwards 

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5 – Magic Show by Magician O P Sharma Jr. 

Picture Courtesy: BookMyShow

Magician O.P. Sharma Jr. is an international entertainer, popular magician and renowned master of illusion. He is one of the greatest and fastest magicians in India. Through his mesmerizing magic show, he will take you to a whole new world where nothing seems impossible. 

Magician O.P. Sharma Jr. is a professional magician from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He’s been mastering magic for over 47 years with more than 39,000 shows under his belt all over India and abroad. He has innovated lots of tricks and earned the reputation of being the fastest magician in the world. He started learning magic when he was 5 years old and continues to do it today.

Date & Time: Saturday, 6th April to 14th May, 4 pm/7 pm

Venue: Gandhi Bhawan Auditorium, Lucknow 

Price: ₹150 onwards

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