5 Artistic Events this Weekend in Indore!

Hey, Indoris! 

Hope you’re doing fine since March is usually a hectic month as it’s the close of a financial year. 

So if you’re looking for some ideas to unwind this weekend, then we’ve got you covered with some of the best events happening in Indore.. 

Check out below and book the tickets now! 

  1. Nidarr India Tour by Atharva and Pranav Bhaiya 

Picture Courtesy: Bookmyshow

One of Indore’s biggest educational meetups is here, with your favourite, Pranay & Atharva Bhaiya. 

This duo will bring lots of fun, laughter, motivation, entertainment, photos and memories together for everyone. 

This event is a must-attend for all the students who dream of making it big or want to make it big!

All you students looking for some guidance along with meeting fellow students who share the same dreams as you, this event is the place for you then. 

Book your tickets now and engage in a fun and educational event! 

Date & Time: 31st March, 5 pm 

Location: Ravindra Natya Grah, Indore 

Price: ₹99 onwards 

Book Now

  1. Sundown Live: Spoken Art 

Picture Courtesy: BookMyShow

A serene evening surrounded by talented artists, poets and musicians is no better way than this to unwind on the weekend! 

This Sundown Live is the event Indoris should visit to experience and support the local artists or budding artists. 

Get inspired or enjoy the different forms of words expressed by these artists. 

Book tickets for you and your friends or family for a fun evening! 

Date & Time: 31st March, 4:30 pm 

Location: Seed Centraal, Indore 

Price: ₹100 onwards 

Book Now

  1. Open Mic by Explore You 

Picture Courtesy: BookMyShow 

Sharing thoughts is easier with a stranger and it’s proven to be effective especially when it comes to Open Mic evenings. 

Indoris, gear up for the event of the weekend at Open Mic. Come out of your shell and express yourself and your talent. 

This stage is for everyone who has a voice and has an art that they want to share with the audience. This open mic event will have artists, rappers, stand-up comics, storytellers, poets, singers and musicians. 

Book your tickets to experience new talent and socialize with like-minded people. 

Date & Time: 31st March, 6 pm

Location: Comedy Cottage and Coco Events, Indore 

Price: ₹200 

Book Now

  1. Open Mic 

Picture Courtesy: BookMyShow

Open Mic is hosted by artists for fellow artists, it’s a group of small people who solely believe and focus on supporting artists without any judgements. 

From Spoken Word artists, stand-up comics, poets, rappers, storytellers etc., this event isn’t limited to only spoken art but it is open to other artists and art forms.  

Whether you’re an amateur artist or a seasoned professional, everyone’s welcome at the Open Mic event! 

Book your ticket now! 

Date & Time: 31st March, 6 pm 

Location: Chemistry: The Cafe Lounge, Indore

Price: ₹49 onwards

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5 . Kommune Indore’s Open Mic 

Picture Courtesy: PaytmInsider

Shaam suhaani, Kommune ke saath! 

Kommune is back with another event to gather with like-minded people and give you an evening surrounded by poets, storytellers and musicians at the Cafe Lounge in Indore. 

Indoris, don’t waste your weekend away, book your tickets for this relaxing and interesting event now and have the perfect evening with friends or family! 

Date & Time: 31st March, 6 pm

Location: Chemistry: The Cafe Lounge, Indore 

Price: ₹49 onwards 

Book Now

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