3 Exciting Events this Weekend in Indore!

Get ready Indore because we’ve curated the perfect weekend plans for you! A perfect well rounded plan for people of all interests. We have an exciting meet up event for all you outdoors lovers, a dating event for all you hopeless romantics looking for that special someone and for the wholesome bunch we have events to make the best of friends!

1 – Solo Travelers Meetup

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Get ready to meet the most extroverted people in India! Come along and replace your house slippers with hiking boots! Get to know other travelers, share crazy stories from your travels, and you might even meet your next adventure partner! Put on your seat belts, pack your greatest travel stories, and come along for this virtual globe tour!

Date & Time: 2nd June, 4:00pm

Venue:Lord Petrick, Indore

Price: ₹199 onwards 

Genre-Meet and greet

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2 – Speed Friending

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Are you new to the area and want to make new friends? It’s been a long time since you’ve truly made a friend. Honestly, explaining TikTok to your grandmother shouldn’t be as difficult as trying to make friends as an adult.

Small world has  created a distinctive speed dating encounter where you may perhaps meet your next workout partner, closest friend, or someone who simply thinks pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza.

Date & Time: 2nd June, 4:00 pm 

Venue: Lord Petrick, Indore

Price: ₹99 onwards 


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3 – Blindfolded Talks

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Blindfolded Conversations can let you discover the power of genuine conversation.

Let go of preconceived notions and immerse yourself in a sensory experience that aims to create meaningful connections.After being paired off and given blindfolds, participants set out on an engrossing conversational adventure during which they deeply connect, learn, and converse.

This event is a testament to the power of real discussion and attentive listening, making it ideal for individuals looking for meaningful relationships.

Date & Time: 2nd June, 5:00 pm 

Venue:Lord Petrick, Indore

Price: ₹399 onwards 


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