3 Amazing Events this Weekend in Lucknow

It’s the time to disco Lucknow! End your week with a bang and get ready to dance. We have curated the hottest festivals and comedy nights for you! There’s no shortage of entertainment this weekend so get your friends, get your partners and get your family because entertainment and festivities is a guarantee.


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If you love Luvknow then you will love Sharukh! Grown up in Lucknow, Sharukh talks about his crazy childhood in Lucknow, his experiences and the culture of the city. Talking about his upside down school and college life will bring an air of nostalgia, humor and relatability, but most of all it will have you on the floor laughing till your stomachs hurt!

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Date & Time: 12th May, 6:30pm

Venue:Irani Kafe 2.7, Lucknow

Price: ₹149 onwards 

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The time to party is here Lucknow! Unwind after a long working week and put on your dancing shoes because the festivities are just starting. With unlimited food, drink and fun you do not want to miss these live performances! There’s also going to be a performance from an A list star from MTV hustle, so get ready to party because this event is about to get crazy!

Date & Time: 11th May, 2:00 pm 

Venue: Disney Wonder, Water Park and Resort: Lucknow

Price: ₹799 onwards 

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Prepare to splash into action with dynamic beats spun by renowned DJs, indulge in poolside delights, and dance amidst a cascade of rain while savoring delectable food and drinks.Embark on a visionary fusion of music, water, and pure excitement curated by the ingenious Sparsh Gupta. This event guarantees an unforgettable voyage into the world of entertainment! Don’t let the season’s hottest party slip through your fingers – join us and let the waves of excitement sweep you away!

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Date & Time: 12th May, 11:00 pm 

Venue:Scorpio Club, Lucknow

Price: ₹200 onwards 

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