What’s The Hype Around Carnival Royale?

Fab Money has released their latest game Carnival Royale and it has taken people by a storm! Everyone is playing it and we are here to decode all the hype around it. What is it, what can you win and how do you play? You’ve got the questions and we have the answers. So without further ado let’s enter the carnival!

What is carnival royale?-

It’s our brand new game in which you must get within the winning range to claim amazing offers! With new offers everyday, there’s always a reason to play carnival royale! Inspired by the world’s most played luck based games, carnival royale has the perfect ratio of risk and reward! With our previous game The Cashback Powerplay doing so well, we just had to give you guys another amazing game, but this time there’s a new reward everyday!

How to play-

It’s a simple Spin The Wheel game, that’s what makes it so much fun! You purchase a ticket which costs 50 gems and then you get six spins. The wheel itself contains various numbers that can add to your score or subtract from it! You have to get within the range of 21-26 points to win! On top of this there is a monthly target to hit, and when you do hit it you will stand a chance to win an iPhone 15! So i think it is safe to say, start spinning!

Rewards and offers-

It cannot be a Fab Money game if there are no amazing offers! Everyday there will be 3-4 new offers waiting to be claimed by you! Offers from any place you can think off! We have hundreds of restaurants, cafes, spas, salons, lifestyle stores, flights, fuels,groceries and so many more! We would reach the word limit if we listed all of them out! Offers are great, but we have something a bit more exciting too! The grand prize, an iPhone 15 could be yours! 

We have so many people already playing, claiming offers and making their way towards the grand prize of the iPhone 15! So make sure they don’t get too far ahead and start spinning today and open your life to so many rewards and offers today! 

Play Today!

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