Indore Unlocked: Phoenix Citadel Mall

Hey Fab Money Lovers! Today we are traveling to the Phoenix Citadel Mall in Indore! This mall is a well known hang out spot in which many people of Indore come together to shop, relax, explore,party and just walk around! What makes this mall so special? Let us find out more about this beloved destination!

About the Mall:

Phoenix Mills Ltd. is the owner and runs ten malls in seven Indian cities.

The shopping center comprises three levels and a separate structure for parking. It offers a million square feet of lease space for retail businesses. It also features a designated open space in front of the shopping center.

One of the biggest shopping centers in Central India is Phoenix Citadel Mall in Indore. It is situated in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, on MR 10 Road. With more than 100 companies, a large food court, and a multi-level parking structure, the mall provides a one-stop destination for shopping and leisure. Phoenix Citadel, an upscale retail destination that unites food, entertainment, art, architecture, and design, opened its doors in December 2022.

How do you get there?

You can take one of the following ways to go to Phoenix Citadel Mall Indore:


One of the major highways in Indore, MR 10 Road, leads to the mall. The mall is well-connected to main highways and is easily accessible from all parts of the city. PV95+R3H is the address you can use to navigate. You can use these coordinates to get particular directions: Indore’s Phoenix Citadel Mall.


If you would rather take the bus, you can arrange your itinerary to arrive at Indore’s main bus stop, Sarwate Bus Stand. You may get to the area via local transit; the mall is located on MR 10 Road.


The Indore Junction Railway Station, which is around 10 km distant, is the closest train station to the mall. From the train station, you can drive or take local transit to the mall.

What can you do in the mall?

The Phoenix Citadel Mall in Indore is more than simply a place to buy; it offers a variety of activities. Guests can take pleasure in the following experiences:


The mall offers a large range of shopping alternatives, including clothes, accessories, electronics, and books, with over 300 retailers.


There are over 75 dining options in the mall’s food court, offering a range of cuisines and foods to suit every taste and budget.


Both families and individuals can enjoy a fun-filled day at the entertainment attractions, which include a multiplex movie theater, gaming zones, and kid’s play areas.


The mall is renowned for its expansive, spotless, and well-kept atmosphere, which offers guests a relaxing and delightful setting.

One of the forerunners for best hangout spot, this mall is a staple for the people living in Indore. With people of all ages visiting the mall, it truly is a melting pot for the residents and never lacking in things to do, no matter what time of day! From enjoying a movie at the theater to attending amazing events that are being held here, it is safe to say this should be a guaranteed visit for both residents and non residents! 

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