Gift Him Financial Empowerment!
This Father’s Day, gift your Dad financial empowerment in the form of the Fab Money Prepaid card! Introduce him to a world of amazing rewards & cashbacks!
Get Dad his Fab Money card today!
Being a Father is stressful, especially managing the household finances! This Father's Day show your love and take some financial stress off your Dad by gifting him his first Fab Money Prepaid card. Make managing Finances simple and rewarding for him!
Upon joining your Dad will get 10% cashback upto ₹100 on his first transaction!
Steps to get your Dad his first prepaid card:
Download the Fab Money App on your Dad’s phone
Enter his personal details and PAN number
Tap on the card to activate digital payments
Hooray, his Prepaid Card is activated!
He can access amazing rewards!
Tap to begin!
Why is Prepaid Card perfect for your dad?
He can get fuel for his vehicle & enjoy 1% cashback!
He can pay all his bills with ease & get rewards!
He can use amazing offers to buy groceries for the house!
He can dine out at numerous restaurants & save money!
So share this with your Dad and empower his financial journey with the Fab Money Prepaid Card. Introduce him to instant cashback, secure payments & many amazing rewards!
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Happy Father’s Day!

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