5 Artistic Events This Weekend in Lucknow!

Hey, Lucknowites! 

Hope you’re doing fine since March is usually a hectic month as it’s the close of a financial year. 

So if you’re looking for some ideas to unwind this weekend, then we’ve got you covered with some of the best events happening in Lucknow. 

Check out below and book the tickets now! 

1 – Kommune Lucknow’s Art Showcase 

Picture Courtesy: Bookmyshow

Kommune, the most inclusive community and always on the search for new and inspirational art and artists are back with a show in Lucknow. Offering the stage to everyone who deserves it and who wants their voice to be heard. 

Kommune Lucknow’s Art showcase is an example of their purpose and their goal. With a specially curated line-up of storytellers, poets and musicians who have been doing amazing work of entertaining people in and around the Lucknow Spoken Word circuit. 

Talented artists like – Toshani, Avinash, Dhara, Jaya, Neel and more. 

Book your tickets now and support the budding artists who are performing!

Date & Time: 31st March, 1:30 pm 

Location: Cafe Repertwarh, Lucknow 

Price: ₹99 onwards 

Book Now

2. Kavita, Kisse, Kahaniyan

Picture Courtesy: Bookmyshow 

Kavita Kisse Kahaniyan is the right platform for Spoken word artists, poets, storytellers and speakers. The perfect centre stage for one to express emotions, and feelings and to connect with like-minded people. 

Kavita Kisse Kahaniyan is organizing a mini spoken word fest to promote the art and artists, poets, storytellers and musicians. 

If you’re seeking a weekend surrounded by art, then this is the right space and event for you! Book your tickets now and have an eventful evening! 😉

Date & Time: 31st March, 6 pm

Location: The Pebbles Bistro and Bar, Lucknow

Price: Free

Book Now

3. Tumhara Shayar – A poetry solo by Kaushal Dauneria 

Picture Courtesy: Bookmyshow

An extraordinary evening with the most celebrated poet, Kushal Dauneria, one of the gems of India’s poetry scene. 

Watch him unfold the world of his words like you’ve never experienced before in a live setting. This isn’t just a poetry reading, it’s an intimate journey into the depths of emotions and his personal stories that he will share but seldom express. 

Book your ticket with friends and family, for a relaxing evening now! 

Date & Time: 31st March, 1 pm 

Location: Mashup Cafe & Bar, Lucknow 

Price: ₹299 

Book Now

4. Laugh Now Lucknow 

Picture Courtesy: Bookmyshow 

Lucknowites, Are you ready to laugh out loud this weekend?

If you are, then book your tickets for this rib-tickling event featuring Lucknow’s best comics that will share their quirks, relatable observations and other funny content that will make you laugh so loud that you might just need that after a hectic week. 

This weekend is for laughter, experiencing and supporting local comics, so get your friends and family for this event. 

Book your tickets now! 

Date & Time: 31st March, 6 pm

Location: Irani Kafe, Lucknow

Price: ₹149 onwards 

Book Now

5. Stand-Up Comedy Open Mic 

Picture Courtesy: Bookmyshow 

Are you a budding comic?

Then this is the right stage for you to experiment and gauge the audience’s reaction to your jokes before you perform on a stage, it can be the perfect spot to practice, take learnings and improve in case you need to. 

If you’re looking for inspiration or motivation to start then visit this event and learn how to start and where to start. 

Book your tickets now and be a part of their journey! 

Date & Time: 30th March, 5 pm

Location: Grandeurs Bakery & Cafe, Lucknow

Price: ₹150 onwards 

Book Now

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