3 Exciting Events this Weekend in Indore!

Get ready Indore because we’ve curated the perfect weekend plans for you! A perfect well rounded plan for people of all interests. A spin on a normal date and a spicy twist, we have truth or dare date night! A classic Indore comedy night that will have you in stitches and an insane jam session for people of all musical genres!

1 – Truth or Dare Date

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Welcome to “Truth or Dare” Date, a fun and distinctive take on the time-honored game that’s meant to generate conversation and build relationships! For singles seeking an enjoyable and engaging way to meet new people, this event is great!

The  purpose is to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of your level of extroversion or shyness.

Come enjoy an evening filled with surprises and humor.It’s an opportunity to begin a new story, not just a simple game. Reserve your place right away!

Date & Time: 7th July, 4:00pm

Venue:Lord Petrick, Indore

Price: ₹99 onwards 


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2 – 30 on 30

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Get ready for two local Indore boys to wreak havoc! Himanshu and Ishaan have been in the comedy game for quite some time now and let us tell you, they will have rolling on the floor in laughter! With classic Indori jokes and skits, they truly know their audience and hometown! So strap in and get ready to laugh!

Date & Time: 7th July, 6:20 pm 

Venue:Comedy cottage and coco events, Indore

Price: ₹150 onwards 


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3 – Vibe Jams

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Greetings from Vibe Jams, a remarkable combination of music and souls!

Here, music is lived, not simply performed.

Bring your favorite instrument and join other music enthusiasts in an unplanned symphony of cooperation.

Vibe Jams is your playground whether you’re an experienced professional, an enthusiastic amateur, or you’re just getting started in music.

Savor the excitement of spontaneous jam sessions as rhythms synchronize and melodies blend to create enchanted musical moments.

It’s about the thrill of collaborative production, not about the flawless performance.

Come join us for this colorful, varied jam session and let your creativity run wild!

Date & Time: 7th June, 6:00 pm 

Venue:Lord Petrick, Indore

Price: ₹199 onwards 


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